Philoshop philosophy is to provide cheap / afforable website, writing, creative design and content management service for small or start-up business. We also provide digital marketing and SEO friendly copywriting and ghostwriting with very budget price. Our service have cheapest price guarantee and satisfaction guarantee with unlimited revision. The website could include landing page, login system, payment system, cart, animation, map tracking, form and many other featurs, as well as logical function using html, css, javascript, jQuery, reactjs, golang, nodejs. The login system could be linked with facebook, twitter, google, youtube, linkedin, instagram, snapchat, gmail, hotmail and many others. Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Writing is using SEO Tools & SEO checker as optimizer. How philoshop build a website depends on costumer's needs. It could be static website or dynamic website. Our active IP addresses are,, filoshop, philosoph. Our divisions consist of chief marketing officer, network marketing, philosopher, content manager, web developer, desinger, project manager, virtual assistant, costumer service, digital marketing team, social media campaign, and financial planner. WHAT IS PHILOSOPHY AND PHILO.SHOP? Philo + Sophia means love of wisdom, this is what has been taught in school. It is etymologically correct but useless. The definition does not differentiate philosophy from science nor religion, because they, too, are pursuing truth and wisdom. It was an old definition suggested by Pythagoras when science and religion were part of philosophy. Therefore, in current days when the role has been fully replaced by science, philosophy in such definition is dead, and the consequence of the unclear definition is to have multiple interpretations. Nowadays, philosophy in colleges is being dominated by left-wing ideology and it is becoming a rethoric training camp and call-to-action of victimology. In the other hand, there are also some other equivocal use of the word 'philosophy' with conotations of way of live, vision, belief and attitude. These conotations are responsible for making new learners of philosophy sound like reading a beautiful poetry of love and wisdom with flowers and tears of joy and a very good pitch control. We do not really need the word ‘philosophy’ if it is fully overlapping with other concepts, disciplines or ideologies. But, apparently there are still some living independent philosophical activities which are speculating, suggesting, modifying, refuting and defending hypotheses. Thus it needs to be redefined from other disciplines by reviewing the sources, the subjects and the methods. While science pursues truth based on empirical evidence, and religion based on revelation, philosophy pursues truth based on a system of logic. But, this is not enough. There are some disciplines which are also based on a system of logic, such as mathematics and linguistics (not to mention that javascript is also a form of symbolic logic). So, the next step is to define the subjects. Philosophy talks about everything, so the subject seems to be overlapping with other disciplines, but one thing differentiates it from others is that philosophy only talks about the theoretical aspect of the subject. So instead of ‘using’ the languages, the numbers, the formulas, or the codes, philosophy ‘evaluates’ them theoretically. This implies that (1) philosophy can work together with all discipline, (2) it has nothing to do with the political leg work nor voice intonation, and (3) everyone can be a philosopher when they re-evaluate their tools theoretically. Thus we get that the definition of philosophy is an intellectual discipline of theoretical engineering based on a system of logic. We just did one of the activity of philosophy which is redefining a concept. Notice that we (1) refused to use the first definition when it was categorically wrong, then we went to higher level of rationality to (2) suggest a new definition, and then we went to even higher level when we just (3) reviewed the level of rationality now, and then to even higher level when we just (4) reviewed our views of the level of rationality, then we just (5) reviewed our views of our views of rationality; the list goes on to infinite regression. The problem is, on the one hand, in order to review something we need a framework of methodology in the higher order. On the other hand, the subject of philosophy itself is already in the methodological level. Therefore, the activity of philosophy would always end up with reviewing the infinite regression. This means that a philosophical research either needs to find or assume something, which was called as 'the first truth', or have to investigate the methodology into the infinite regression. This leads us to the question of its practicality. Looking back further, before philosophy was popularized in Plato’s Academia, people exercised philosophy in the marketplace (agora). It was methodologically chaotic but much more independent and inclusive. Everyone in the marketplace could do philosophy, as long as they talk about theories behind their tools/objects. So, the idea here is 'to outsource’ people from various backgrounds to solve a 'real world' problem or do a project. The downside is the quality control. When they were too inclusive in outsourcing, everyone would only focus on persuasiveness instead of the truth. The balance is to build a community in the marketplace with strict methodology that we get from academic discourses. This is where I found as our business name, twisted from the word ‘philosophy’. We have people with outstanding ability in the academic environment, including myself, and also people with specialized skillset in the marketplace. Ghostwriting service is in the middle of academia and sophistry, it follows the strict methodology of the academic environment but limited by the framework of the marketplace needs and also anonymously as independent as people in agora. In modern world, the writing service together with web development, graphic design and project management is being called content management service. covers end-to-end content management service, including web developing, graphic design, writing, marketing, costumer service, as well as office tasks and project management. High-end orders would be worked directly by our senior team with custom pricing, and low-end orders would have the cheapest price guarantee. We could also send our ambassador (we call it virtual employee) to work in your company as if it is your normal employee, but the difference is that our VE could do various kind of projects, has very high availability (up to 24/7) and inner quality control. The VE would deliver your request to our workers so your request would be worked by the expert of their field remotely. Once you become our partner, you can make an appointment for meeting with our managers to present your ideas to us, so we know your business better and could divide it into smaller tasks for each specialized division. Our managers usually do conference call every day from 9-11 AM EST, but it is flexible following the appointment. Please take a look at our website to learn more about any specific project that you want. You can always offer your project and pricing in custom plan. Good luck for us. Happy philo shop philo shopping. Ericolas Chandra CEO of September 19th, 2019 Criteria for choosing a web development company. 1. Look at their own website a. Are they using wix or wordpress? More than 30% of all websites are using wordpress. The main advantage of using wix and wordpress is that they are very easy to use, so easy that you do not even need any coding skill to build it. All you need is to choose a template, upload your content, adjust the font style, color and position, and apply the plugins. In our opinion, paying web development company for a wordpress site is a complete waste of money, because you can actually build it by yourself easily. Honestly, it is better for you and your company to build the wordpress site by yourself, but if you insist on using Wordpress we would provide the cheapest price guarantee services compared to any wordpress web development company that you know. Pros: - Very easy to build and use. - Only requires several hours of training to be wordpress expert. Cons: - Less customizable - Have to pay hosting service regularly - Slower loading speed - not SEO friendly compared to static web If you are a customer of wordpress web developer and pay them regularly, we highly recommend you to learn about how to build a wordpress site and also compare it to static website. We are not sponsored by but please take a look at their amazing services, they provide static web hosting service for free forever. Static website is harder to develop compared to wordpress but it is customizable, SEO friendly (since you put all the content staticly), and it is lightweight and therefore very fast. In the end, it will not only be better looking but also cheaper, since it is only one-time payment and has free hosting forever. All file and password for hosting and domain will be given, so no gold-digging contract attached. The hard part of developing it would be handled by web developer, this why you want to pay for the developer’s skill in the first place. b. Is their website customized? On the sidebar we explained how to spot a template used by a web developer. Using template as a framework is fine, but the important part is to customize it, because you don’t want your website to look similar to many other websites that are using the same template. Most of the scams would only change the content and the color of the same template, and they charge their clients every month for their only 1 day of work. Secondly, look at their user interface. See how much content they have and how efficient their design to display the contents. In web design we dont want our user to leave our main page and payment page, so we put most of the contents in one page to show the big picture of our products. It is easier to build multiple copy-paste pages with same sections over and over, than to minimalize user’s effort to navigate here and there. Minimal effort and know-how user experiences are always better. Thirdly, look at their custom animation. If they could create custom animation for their own website, then it is likely that they could also develop it for yours, and of course it is very easy to not having any animation at all if you want your website calm. The point is to see their ability. And again, you cant expect much custom design from wordpress developer, because it relies on grid and plugins.
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